YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE! With Mexia’s prime location in central Texas, our businesses enjoy easy access to multiple transportation hubs. Texans tend to speak of distance in terms of time. In Mexia you are 1½ hour to Dallas or Ft. Worth, 2½ hours to Houston or Austin, and 3½ hours to San Antonio. 93% of the United States population is accessible within 48 hours of Mexia via truck. Mexia truly is the Heart of the Texas Triangle.

TruckIconUS Highway 84
4-lanes through Mexia
Connects Interstate 35 (38 miles) and Interstate 45 (23 miles)
State Highways 171 and 14
Provide redundant connectors to Interstates 35 and 45 assuring uninterrupted deliveries.
2014 Traffic Count


Mexia-Limestone County Airport
Distance: Local
5,000 foot lighted runway
24-hour airport facility
Waco Regional Airport
Distance: 45 miles
Served by American Airlines
Dallas Love Field
Distance: 90 miles
Served by three major carriers
Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
Distance: 110 miles
Full-service international passenger and air cargo services



TrainIconUnion Pacific Local Access
Currently six miles from Mexia and with easement available for extension to site.
Union Pacific Team Track
Distance: 30 miles
Union Pacific Intermodal Facility
Distance: 70 miles



BoatIconPort of Houston
Distance: 175 miles
1st in US foreign waterborne tonnage, US imports & US export tonnage