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Location! Location! Location! Mexia has one of the most convenient locations in Texas—perhaps the world!

Traveling in or out of Mexia is easy:

  • 90 miles and 90 minute drive time to either Dallas or Fort Worth

  • 40 miles and 40 minute drive time to Waco

  • 160 miles and 2 ½ hour drive time to Houston

  • 93% of the US population is located within 48 hours drive time of Mexia.

  • You (or your products) can be anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours of Mexia (flights out of DFW Airport).

Staying in Mexia is even easier:

  • Central time zone makes it easy to do business nationwide

  • Three highways (US 84, Texas 171, and Texas 14) make commuting into Mexia convenient

  • Opportunity for growth and expansion—land and ready infrastructure

  • Gorgeous Central Texas landscape with rolling prairie and that big Texas sky!

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